The Right Attorney Could Make a Huge Difference in a DUI Case

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Many people have a few drinks at a bar or a friend’s house and then drive home. Although it might not be an everyday event, they make it to their front door safely and without being arrested. However, if a law enforcement officer witnesses them missing a stop sign or veering into another lane, there’s a good chance they’re going to be pulled over and asked to submit to blood alcohol testing. This is when a driver needs to start thinking about getting a lawyer.

What Happens Next

Chances are, once the police determine a driver has been drinking, they are going to charge them with driving under the influence. The individual charged may go to jail but will most likely be released quickly. In many cases, the automobile they were driving is towed and will need to be picked up later. If they have not yet spoken to an attorney, it’s important to get in touch with one.

Hiring an Attorney

When hiring a lawyer for a DUI case, it’s important to choose one who focuses on this type of offense. The lawyer who handled a divorce or a real estate transaction may not be the best one for this job. There’s a lot at stake so defendants should ensure they have the right attorney for the job before signing a contract. After hiring a defense attorney that has the skill and experience to manage the case, a defendant may be able to live his or her life normally while the case moves through the criminal justice system.


With a pending DUI case, a defendant may not be able to drive their vehicle. This means that anyone presently fighting a DUI charge might have to get a ride to work from a family member or coworker until the case is resolved. If convicted, they might have to carpool or rideshare for a longer period of time. That’s why it’s so important to hire an attorney who understands DUI laws and knows how to handle the case.

There are strong penalties for drunk driving, and courts will enforce them when a defendant is convicted of the offense. However, when a defendant has an attorney by their side, they have a better chance of walking away without the charge on their record.